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Pumping for Professionals (in Maternal Health)

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A private, exclusive online University offering membership to professionals in maternal health to assist your breast pumping clients from pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond with all things pumping. There will be online program course that will teach you about breast pumping and an intimate Weekly Zoom meeting for touch points to get your questions answered and to provide more education on breast pumping and any knowledge gaps to allow you to assist your breast pumping clients even more. This is not a course that you take and do not have the opportunity to follow-up as you have questions. What's Included: *14 modules with resources and added modules as needed based on group input if common questions arise from your clients to make you better equipped to assist them with breast pumping *Weekly Zoom group meetings for up to 60 minutes to answer your questions *Private Pump with Purpose University community on the Pump with Purpose app on all Apple & Google devices *Pumping resources and guides *Any updates to curriculum are automatically made available to you

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