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We lost power last night around 6:30 here in GA and it hasn't come back on yet. Thankfully my S1 was fully charged so my pumping was unaffected. I was so concerned about my frozen milk though. This morning one of my friends texted me offering to come over with her coolers to bring my stash to her freezer. She saved my stash! (All except for the 10.5 ounces that were in the fridge. I guess I can use that for milk baths?) We're chilling (literally, thanks to A/C) at my husband's parent's today. Estimated time for power to return is midnight tonight.

I was so frazzled last night, worried about the milk.

21 juil. 2023

I had a similar situation last month! We had no power from Sunday to Wednesday. My parents have a generator so they took my stash as well. I lost about 6oz in the fridge and I used for a milk bath! It makes babies skin so soft. You can also spray on diaper rash or I've even mixed with diaper rash cream and stored in the fridge. You can also look up recipes for breastmilk lotion and soap. Lots of options. Im sorry you lost any milk but I hope you still have enough to feed your baby. Thank God for freezer milk.



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