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Overnight Pump Challenge

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Hi all! I’m Lainey, and I’m 4.5 months pp. I’ve been exclusively pumping (by choice) from the time my son was born. My little guy is going through a major growth spurt in addition to me going back to work AND deciding to start a new job so I’m looking to increase my supply amongst the chaos. My son had been sleeping through the night since about 2 months, meaning I typically was not getting up to pump in the MOTN. I’m sure this impacted my supply as I have always been a “just enough” gal, so I’m trying to keep up with his recent changes. He also recently hit the 4 month sleep regression and was waking up every 2 hrs or so, but this has evened out and he’s only waking 1-2 times per night making it much easier for me to try to stay on a pump routine at night. I just had my first pump at 11:45 (it’s now almost 12:30) so hoping to get in one more before 6!

Jen K

This happened to me as well! Thankfully the growth spurts don't last forever. I hope you can get ahead!



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