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What are you celebrating today?

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    So on 7-22 I pumped a total of 50.5oz. I needed 40oz of it for my one year olds. They take in 4oz at a time so I froze 8oz and had 2.5oz leftover. My question is can I add that to the next day's pitcher (the milk I pumped on 7-23). I do not want to freeze in the ice cube thing I have I prefer to only freeze full feeds. Plus my babies don't like breastmilk popsicles and I don't want to mess with rotating 1oz cubes.

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    I am so happy right now. I still have one pump session at 8pm today but i already have enough milk to feed my twin boys and freeze some.. I have 100oz in the freezer and counting at this point.. I was so scared to drop down from 7ppd to 6ppd but I still make enough for twins. Also, pro tip if you use a Mason jar to store can write the date or whatever in sharpie and it comes off when you wash it.

  • jaberk0216
    Bri 💜

    Travel & Airport pumping/nursing tips? Go! 🤍🥰

  • Hey everyone, I am currently 6 months into pumping. In the beginning when my baby was born I didn't know about pumping and I was barely breastfeeding because my baby needed to supplement with formula. I am currently only producing enough to feed my baby each day. I am trying to increase my supply to be able to stockpile some milk in case I need to step away from my baby for a few hours and be able to stop pumping earlier then 1 year old. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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