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Lactation Research They Are Not Telling You About

The Lactation Research They Are NOT Telling You About 

We all tend to agree that frequent emptying of the breast increases milk supply...

What they won't tell you is that it's regardless of if you're nursing or pumping.

On average the term infant removes 67% of the available milk during a breastfeed whereas expression with a hospital grade electrical pump removes on average 55-75%.

What we can learn: 

-A pump can empty you just as effectively if not more effectively than the baby.

-We know that baby and/or a pump may not drain as well yet we tell families to leave this milk behind.

-If you want to save milk, we have to learn how to drain all available milk better.

Note: Please stop leaving this milk behind in your breasts and wondering why you are not making enough milk or feeling like you are continuously chasing the baby.

Did you know this? There is so many ways that pumping can benefit your journey.

We want to work with you to transform your pumping journey. Book your Premier Pumping Consult today! 

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