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Pump With Purpose

One thing I know about myself is that I have a Purpose on this Earth. I will never undervalue myself or my skills regardless of who may or may not see value in them.

I may have fun and kept it real in the Pump with Purpose community by doing reels, showing pieces of my relationship/family, and keeping it relatable. But please know that I am knowledgeable, trained, and an advocate when it comes to pumping.

I am confident that I offer a very unique service to the pumping community. I will not be a problem for the pumping community to get the access to the care that it deserves, but I will be a part of the solution.

I am a Doctor of Public Administration with a defined history of assisting underrepresented groups (heck…I am an underrepresented group) and having a voice even when others do not want to hear or value it.

I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. My certifications allow me to have a lactation private practice and see clients, accept credit/debit cards and FSA/HSA cards, and offer Superbills for insurance reimbursement.

Please know that I value myself, my brand, and my business. I am a total and complete package and that alone is valuable regardless of who may or may not see the worth. I am not seeking any additional credentials that I am pretty confident will not help me assist the pumping community. I AM ENOUGH!

My Doctorate, over 90 hours of lactation training, continuing education hours, my own research, my own experiences, and helping so many people even before officially starting Pump with Purpose, LLC is good enough for me and that is what matters.

Shout out to the pumping community. I GOT YOU. Regardless if you are an exclusive or an occasional pumper, Pump with Purpose is here.

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