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Pumping and Feeding Life Hacks

Updated: Mar 25

Pumping & Feeding Life Hacks:

  • Assemble your pumping parts the night before so the morning is as easy as possible.

  • Use a direct pumping collecting system.

  • Pump while you work.

  • Work with a professional!

Pumping & Feeding at the Same Time:

Pumping and feeding at the same time can look like pumping both breasts while feeding the baby from a bottle at the same time. This is incredibly helpful for our super busy moms, or even moms who want to be as efficient as possible!

Pumping & Feeding from the Same Bottle (if possible):

Some prefer to pump and feed from the same bottle and use a bottle converter to connect your bottle of choice to your pump of choice so there is less washing of parts.

Pumping & Feeding one Bottle Ahead (can also pool milk from the prior day instead)

When pumping one bottle ahead, it means pumping so there is a bottle always ready for the next feeding for the baby.

Book a Premier Pumping Consult if you are having concerns with your pumping journey!

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