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Pumping Has Helped Me To...

Here are 11 things that pumping has helped me to:

  1. Mourn my nursing relationship

  2. Heal from trauma that impacted my breastmilk supply initially

  3. Provide breastmilk to my child in my first as well as my infant and toddler by tandem pumping in my second journey

  4. See fuller bottles

  5. Create a full supply

  6. Create an oversupply

  7. See how much I’m producing

  8. See how much baby is taking in

  9. Allow others to feed my child

  10. Be separated from baby

  11. Return to work with minimal impact to pumping journey

What has pumping helped you to overcome on your journey?

If you need assistance with a personalized pumping plan, book a Premier Pumping Consult™️ at the link below.

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