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Pumping Red Flags

Pumping Red Flags 

  • Pump not emptying 

  • Pump hurting

  • Pumping is not based on your body (just pressing buttons or following flyers online or someone else’s pump settings)

  • Pump suction is too big he or too low 

  • Wrong flange size 

  • Inconsistent schedule 

  • Nipple pain, soreness, trauma, damage, cuts, inflammation/swelling 

  • Nipple changing colors (purpose, blue, white)

  • Sharp shooting pain throughout breast 

  • Nipple sensitivity (especially when change of temperature to cold/cool) 

  • Recurrent clog ducts 

  • Not making enough milk for baby 

And More!

This is a list of red flags 🚩when it comes to pumping that you don’t want to ignore! 

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or any others, book a Premier Pumping Consult today!

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