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Pumping Survival Guide: Vasospasms Edition:

Pumping Survival Guide: Vasospasm Edition

Signs of Vasospasms

-Nipples turning colors (purple, blue, white)

-Sharp shooting pains throughout the breast

-Nipple sensitivity

-Temperature sensitivity (i.e. going from warm air of shower to cool air in bathroom)

-Pain when pumping

-Ineffective latch if nursing

How They Occur

-Wrong pump

-Wrong pump settings

-Wrong pumping technique

-Wrong flange sizing

-Pump suction too high

-Pump too strong

-Reynauds Phenomenon

-Underlying Condition

How to Resolve:

-Book a Virtual Premier Pumping Consult

Correcting concerns can take time and trouble shooting may be needed to go through each area as it is not one-size fits all and the corrective action can vary for each individual

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