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You Deserve Answers!

You Deserve Answers!

One thing about me that I firmly believe is that You Deserve Answers!

I say it each and every day as I help over 100 clients per month on every continent except Antarctica to date!

I am just here to normalize pumping and let the world know that we Pump with Purpose.

If you are not getting the answers you deserve or if you’re getting dismissed when you ask about pumping and your supply, then you are at a huge disadvantage.

If you want an oversupply, want to increase supply, if you’re tired of combo feeding or triple feeding cycle, if you have lower supply, want to relactate, want to wean, etc.; you can ALWAYS get honest, realistic, and practical answers here!

I read every comment, read every DM, comment on your posts, comment on your questions, and I do not post and ghost.

I pride myself in quality care. This doesn’t even include the benefits once you become a client. My clients get access to me 24 hours a day, I see them in emergencies, and work with them to troubleshoot any concerns in a timely manner because lactation is very fragile and time is of the essence.

I believe in taking control of your journey and not settling for anything less than the best. I know there is no one that will care like I do about your pumping journey. I see myself in each and every client and want to change your journey for the positive and get you the answers you deserve.

If interested in a Premier Pumping Consult, you can book an appointment online at then click Services to learn more.

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