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Has anyone used the company Love By The Ounce on Instagram that Dr Dianna used? I'm going to look into getting a few pieces of jewelry with my milk. 🤍

So my twins will be 15 months on the 17th. My supply recently took a huge hit because my cycle came on in the middle of a cold as well. So I told my husband we can introduce a small amount of cows milk when they make it to 15 months. I'm super sad about it and worried they won't like it but I'm also gonna be sad if they like it more than mine. Wish me luck.

Bri 💜

When did you get rid of all pumping supplies after weaning? I haven't pumped in 12 days and am eager to clean all this out 🤣

I thought when weaning, it was also recommended to shorten the duration of pumping sessions to signal body to produce less milk. However I am confused on this, because it seems like this could also cause you to become full and cause clogs. Can anyone explain this? I've only been extending time between pumps, not cutting duration.

Does anyone have tips on how to reduce supply? I've dropped to 2 pumps/day (I did it gradually on a schedule) but my body isn't quite adjusting and by the end of the day I am super full. I don't want my supply to completely dry up but I think I need to help it adjust to this new schedule.


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