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Pump with Purpose, LLC is a global lactation private practice servicing the breastfeeding community across the world and was started due to a recognized lack of resources and assistance in lactation for people that want to include pumping in their journey, either exclusively or in addition to nursing. My name is Dr. Dianna Dixon, DPA, CLC, CBS and I am the person behind Pump with Purpose. I am a Doctor of Public Administration, Certified Lactation Counselor, and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. I have a sincere interest in helping underrepresented groups. I want to be an additional resource on your breastfeeding journey to assist with incorporating pumping in a way that works for you and your family. I am a wife and mother of two boys that are 18 months apart. I have been pumping on my second journey for over 3 years. To date, I have owned over 200 pumping products (see inventory list on my Services page). Subscribe to my e-mail list below and receive a list of these products and the location on my Linktree to save money.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: I am a certified lactation professional, I am NOT a medical doctor and all content and information on this website are for educational purposes only, does not constitute medical advice, and does not establish any kind of client relationship by your use on this website. See full disclaimer on Services page.


I have been exclusively pumping for both of my sons, spanning approximately four years between both children, and support all ways of breastfeeding and/or supplementing. My first son had a NICU stay and we were separated during that time; he also was tongue and lip tied. Even after the tie releases, exclusively pumping was the better option for me. I could plan a pumping and feeding schedule that worked for me as well as I knew exactly how much I was producing and also how much he was getting. I pumped with my first child for nine months before getting pregnant with my second child. I had over 3,000 ounces breastmilk to last for three months until his first birthday. I am currently on my second exclusively pumping journey for over 3 years. I am tandem pumping and providing both boys breastmilk and also was able to build a freezer stash that I was able to keep rotated for over three years. I went back to work full-time in a high-stress, high-demand work environment so I also get the back to work transition that has to take place or working from home with two children that are less than two years apart. I am having a lot of guilt with the thought of weaning so I plan to use all of my knowledge and research of pumping related matters to help others on their journey to pump as long as they desire. 

When I started pumping there were limited resources to assist me and I had to do a lot of trial and error to be successful. I have witnessed the pumping community evolve and I look forward to being a part of the movement to advance this topic forward even more. I had so much guilt as I started pumping that I was not able to have the nursing journey that I thought wanted. I am now an advocate for others to lessen the negative stigma of pumping as I am so glad that pump life chose me. I stand strongly and boldly with the pumping community, including exclusively pumping or pumping in addition to nursing. I realize that all pumps as well as pump products are not created equal. I recognize and value that every person has a different pumping journey and that your pumping journey can also change with each child and even with the same child. I have a sincere interest in helping the lactation community understand what works best for your body, goals, and lifestyle. I want to take what I have learned over the years and assist with practical and realistic recommendations that encourage and support your successful pumping journey.


My passion for pumping has translated into purpose and the beginning of Pump with Purpose, LLC. I am passionate about assisting the breastfeeding community with their pumping goals. Pumping is a lot of work and I want everyone to have the opportunity through education, access, and resources to be successful on their pumping journey. I look forward to connecting and learning about your purpose for pumping and assisting with your specialized and customized needs throughout your breastfeeding journey. I want to create a judgment-free environment that makes you feel safe to speak about any of your concerns and to come up with practical solutions that work best for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

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