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3 Features Of Your Breast Pump to STOP Focusing On

  1. Convenience

  2. Wearable

  3. Easy

Yes, the convenience and ease of some pumps will make you want it just for those reasons alone, but there are more important things you should look for like customizable, effectiveness, and comfort!

Questions you need to ask yourself are how strong is the motor and how often do these pumps usually last? What is the warranty information? Is the strength of the suction and speed as well as variability options going to allow you to get the most out of it? Can you pump without being in pain or nipple sensitivity?! You should never be in pain from pumping and if you are it could be due to the wrong pump, pump settings, pumping technique, or flanges.

Once you think about the answer to all of those questions, THEN you can consider convenience, etc. but that should not be the focal point!

Book a Premier Pumping Consult today so I can help you find the BEST pump for you!

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