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Breast Pump Warranty & Support Resources Guide

Pumping Survival Guide:

Breast Pump Warranty & Supporg Resources Guide

This Guide provides a comprehensive list of customer service support and breast pump warranty e-mail and websites if you own any of these pumps….

Be sure to save this Guide for future reference. 




✅Legendary Milk:


✅Pumpables: warranty

✅Cimilre: https://

✅Evenflo: pages/support

✅Dr. Brown's: contact-us/

✅Babyation: contact-us

When it comes to making sure your breast pump is in tip top shape, it’s essential to understand the warranty and support resources available. 

Here are various warranties and support resources available based on the pumps we have in our inventory so that you can make sure you know who to contact for any concerns with your pump. 

What pumps do you own? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Need help using or learning how to use any of these pump based on your body, book a Premier Pumping Consult today. 

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