Hello from Pump with Purpose

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

About Me:

Pump with Purpose officially started on May 31, 2021 (Pump with Purpose LLC was incorporated 06/02/21), due to a recognized lack of resources in lactation for people that want to include pumping in their journey either exclusively or in addition to nursing. I have been helping moms reach their pumping goals for years, but decided to turn my Passion into Purpose. I obtained my Doctor of Public Administration and have a sincere interest in helping underrepresented groups. I want to be an additional resource as I noticed a lack of support in the breastfeeding community with a focus on pumping. I am a wife and mother of two boys that are 18 months apart. I exclusively pumped for both boys and have become an expert at all things pumping. My first son had a NICU stay for two days and we were separated. Both of my sons were tongue tied and lip tied which caused latching issues. I star