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Hello from Pump with Purpose

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

About Me:

Pump with Purpose officially started on May 31, 2021 (Pump with Purpose LLC was incorporated 06/02/21), due to a recognized lack of resources in lactation for people that want to include pumping in their journey either exclusively or in addition to nursing. I have been helping moms reach their pumping goals for years, but decided to turn my Passion into Purpose. I obtained my Doctor of Public Administration and have a sincere interest in helping underrepresented groups. I want to be an additional resource as I noticed a lack of support in the breastfeeding community with a focus on pumping. I am a wife and mother of two boys that are 18 months apart. I exclusively pumped for both boys and have become an expert at all things pumping. My first son had a NICU stay for two days and we were separated. Both of my sons were tongue tied and lip tied which caused latching issues. I started pumping immediately after birth. Even after the releases, pumping was the better option for me. I pumped with my first child for nine months before getting pregnant with my second. I had enough breastmilk to last until his first birthday. I am currently on my second exclusively pumping journey for over 24 months and still counting. I am giving both boys breastmilk (tandem pumping) throughout this journey. I am having a lot of guilt with the thought of weaning so hoping to use all of my knowledge of pumping to help others. My passion for pumping has translated into purpose and the beginning of Pump with Purpose in. I look forward to connecting and educating the community on pumping with purpose.

What does Pump with Purpose offer?

Pump with Purpose offers virtual prenatal and postnatal lactation counseling sessions, pumping for lactation professionals and birth workers, local hospital grade pump rentals (Northern Virginia), and online merchandise shop. Pump with Purpose also offers a Linktree with Pump with Purpose information that that can be found here.

Social Media Platforms:

Feel free to follow me on any and all of my social media platforms for free social media content.

The Pump with Purpose Linktree obtains the following categories:

  1. Pump with Purpose Information

  2. Pump with Purpose Networks

  3. Pump with Purpose Reviews

  4. Pump with Purpose Social Media Platforms

  5. Pump with Purpose Affiliate Links and/or Discount Codes

Head on over now to browse my Linktree to learn more today!

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