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How to Deal With Negative Comments About Pumping

How to Deal with Negative Comments about Pumping

One of the frustrating things about negativity around pumping is that it can come from all angles. We hear it from some fellow moms that have never nursed or pumped at all, we hear it from some people that exclusively nurse, and we hear it from people in communities that never had many resources around pumping and just don't understand it.

Hearing negative comments about pumping causes some moms to second guess themselves and it also causes some of us to feel like we are always explaining or defending ourselves.

These are a few ways to deal with conflict that stem from negative comments about pumping:

-Educate them on why providing breast milk is beneficial to babies and children

-Explain to them how you feel when they make those negative comments

-Let them know that you are doing what is best for you and your baby and you will continue to do that

If you take time to try to communicate with people about their negative comments and they continue making them, you have the option to distance yourself from them to protect your own peace!


You are doing an amazing job and you are doing what you know is best for you and your baby!

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