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Need a Flange Fitting If:

Unleash the power of a perfect fit with a Premier Pumping Consult. 

Signs you might need a flange fitting:

1️⃣ Nipples changing color (i.e., purple, blue, white) 

2️⃣ Sharp, shooting pain throughout breast 

3️⃣ Nipple sensitivity (i.e., warm air shower to cool air of bathroom)

4️⃣Areola entering the flange 

5️⃣Nipple swelling like a miniature Vienna sausage 

6️⃣Nipple not moving freely in flange 

7️⃣Breastmilk pooling at the bottom of flange under nipple

Your comfort and pumping journey matters. Let’s ensure you have the best pumping experience. 

Book a Premier Pumping Consult now and unlock the secrets to flange fitting. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your pumping game. 

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