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Oversupply Does Not Equal Hyperlactation

We get criticized so much for helping families make more than what your baby needs up to what your body allows. 

There is a difference in making 1 ounce more than baby needs in a day and 100 ounces more than baby in a day. We do not have a problem with either, but please stop treating all oversupply like it’s hyperlactation. There is a difference. 

You do not even ask someone how much more they make than baby, you just automatically think it’s bad. 

We really need more delineation in the breastfeeding space and a regulating body to define terms and regular checks that terms are still applicable. Not everyone had issues with oversupply and we should cater to each family’s individual goals. 

Have you been treated badly because you have an oversupply?. 

You deserve a thriving breastfeeding journey without judgement. If you need help managing your oversupply, book a Premier Pumping Consult today. 

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My pediatrician asked how much baby was taking in and then I told her, she asked how my milk supply was and I told her I made 15-20 ounces more than he eats. I started talking about PWP and how that was the key to making milk (that and dedication and hard work). But I felt a little dismissed by her comment that my body just must make a lot of milk. Like, no, I had to work hard for every ounce. I did not make enough with my first 2 babies, so this time has been truly different because of PWP giving knowledge and care.

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