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Pumping From Birth Produces More Breastmilk

Pumping From Birth Produces Higher Breastmilk Volume: Straight From The Research

“In a randomized study, mothers who used a hospital-grade electric breast pump within the first hour post-birth produced significantly greater cumulative HM output at Day 7 and Week 3 compared to mothers who used the same breast pump after the first hour post-birth.”

“Recently, Parker again found that breast pump use in the first hour post-birth explained the greater human milk output in breast pump-dependent mothers of very low birth weight (VLBW) infants whose first breast pump use was ≤6 versus >6 hours post-birth.”

“Mothers used the standard breast pump suction patterns (BPSP) after lactogenesis II. Over the first 14 days post-birth, experimental BPSP mothers produced 7000 mL of HM versus 4000 mL for control mothers. Thus, interventions during the initiation phase of lactation appear to have a long-lasting programming impact on subsequent human milk output in vulnerable breast pump dependent mothers.”


Which Breast Pump for Which Mother: An Evidenced-Based Approach to Individualizing Breast Pump Technology

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