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Pumping Survival Guide: High Lipase

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

What is high lipase?

Lipase is a very important enzyme that helps your baby break down breast milk to be able to digest and absorb the essential nutrients that the milk contains.

Lipase is naturally found in breast milk, and it’s believed that too much of this enzyme can change the flavor of the milk.

When pumped milk is stored in cool temperatures, it’s suspected that high levels of lipase cause the fats in your breast milk break down quicker, impacting the smell and flavor of it.

How to prevent high lipase?

-Track the timing of how long it takes for the milk to change. You will have to do taste tests and once you figure out the timing, Doing this will allow. you to know how long you have between pumping & feeding.

-Some mothers have found that lowering the speed and pressure of their breast pump improved the smell and taste of the milk.

-Flash freezing (freezing immediately after pumping) can help to reduce lipase. Sitting it in the refrigerator can be the cause of high lipase at times.

How to correct high lipase?

If you already have expressed milk that contains high lipase, it can be corrected by these methods:

-Mixing the milk with freshly pumped milk, which will help sweeten the flavor

-Add in a couple drops of non-alcoholic vanilla extract (check with pediatrician first)

-Freeze drying, which kills up to 90% of the lipase enzyme

We do not support the scolding method, as it may impact nutrients.


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