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Pumping Survival Guide: Power Outage Edition

Are you concerned about your breast milk during a power outage? Find some helpful tips below:

Monitor the temperature!


A temperature sensor to continuously

monitor and be alerted to any issues.


Fill a plastic cup of water and let it freeze

Once frozen, place a coin on top.

(If the coin is at the bottom of the cup,

you know the freezer didn't stay cold)

Maintain the temperature!


If you have a lot of open space in your freezer,

put in containers of water or frozen food to fill empty space .


Water expands so leave room in the container

Double check your container is freezer safe

Keep in mind the 'container'

could be an old jumbo breastmilk storage bag

Keep the milk flowing!


Depending on your pump and your situation

look into a battery operated backup pump,

car adapter, manual pump or generator


Hand express into a breast milk collector.

Avoid galactagogues or anything you know will increase your supply until you're able to pump

Keep your cool!

Limit opening the fridge/freezer

If your breast milk still has ice crystals

it can safely stay in the freezer & refreeze

If your breastmilk is fully defrosted

it is not deemed safe for consumption after 24 hours

HOWEVER, it's perfect for baths, lotions, breastmilk jewelry, and more.

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