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Risk Factors for Lower Milk Production

Risk Factors for Low Milk Production

Breast Anatomy/Genetics

-No breast growth in pregnancy

-Breast hypoplasia

-Breast Surgery

-Nipple piercing

-Zinc transporter mutations


-Separation from the infant

-Pregnancy complications

-Maternal endocrine disorders


-Blocked ducts (temporary)


Milk Removal - Infant

-Infrequent and ineffective breast emptying

-Oral anomalies-ankyloglossia


-Infants exerting strong vacuums and causing pain

-Low tone, Down's Syndrome

-Cleft lip/palate

Milk Removal - Pump

-Infrequent and ineffective breast emptying

-Slow simulation of milk ejection (ME) 

-Incorrect pump settings (vacuum, vacuum pattern)

-Cold conditions-reduce efficacy of milk removal

-Pump shield not fitted correctly to maternal anatomy

If you are experiencing any one or more of these risk factors, let’s talk so I can guide you through your pumping journey to discuss pump, flange, products, and schedule!

Book your Premier Pumping Consult today to discuss pump, flange, products, and schedule. 


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