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Solving Your Pumping Equation

Solving Your Pumping Equation is the best way to reach your pumping goals. I have helped hundreds of people solve this equation. This equation is so critical to your success. If you do not know this equation for yourself then can be harder to build and maintain supply. Asking someone what they do only solves their equation and may not help you at all.

The pumping equation is vital to reaching your pumping goals. If one of these is off then it can be more difficult to reach your pumping goals. Here is what you need to know:

✅ You need an efficient breast pump that can empty you well. If you are having to manual pump or hand express and getting over an ounce after pumping, this may be a sign that you should book a session.

✅ You need to know you flange size and be properly fitted with your flange as soon as possible. Continuing to use the wrong flange size can cause nipple trauma, pain/discomfort, your body can get use to the wrong size, and more. If you are using the flange size that came with your pump, nipple stretching to back of flange, areola being pulled in flange, then this may be a sign that you should book a session.

✅ You need the right pumping products to help you on your journey. Pumping products are not created equal and the products you need can differ from other people you ask. If you are in any pain while pumping or not emptying well it still feel full, this may be a sign that you should book a session.

✅ You need a schedule that you can be consistent and sustainable that will help you to reach your pumping goals. If you are going too long between pumping sessions then it signals to your body that you need less milk abs your body will reabsorb the milk and down regulate your supply. If you are not consistent or have issues keeping your schedule and want extra tips and tricks to save you time and stress, this may be a sign that you should book a session.

IS YOUR EQUATION COMPLETE? Do you know you are doing and using or doing all of the right things to reach your pumping goals?

I have four offerings that can help to reach your pumping goals:

1. Let’s work together to complete your equation and make sure you are set up for success to reach your pumping goals. This equation can be solved for you during a “Standard” 30-minute Virtual Premier Pumping Consult appointment. if you would like to talk about other areas of your pumping journey or you are a new parent or new to pumping then I would recommend the “Full” 60-minute Virtual Premier Pumping Consult appointment.

2. I have the guides on my website, including the Comprehensive Breast Pump Selection Guide that can help you narrow down your breast pump selection to take the stress out of choosing a breast pump. To date, there are 35 pumps int he guide and I will be adding more as I obtain more breast pumps to add to my inventory list.

3. I have Online Teachable Courses that can provide you with quality education to assist you on your pumping journey. The first course available is Flange Sizing 101 and I will be adding more courses over time.

4. If you would like to get a list of 220 products and counting organized by category then feel free to subscribe to my website to get a FREE Download of my Pumping Product Linktree Guide then scroll down to the bottom of the page to subscribe. Please be sure to wait a few minutes for the product to arrive in your e-mail and make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

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