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Stopping Breastfeeding Before You Are Ready

Your Mental Health Matters When Stopping Breastfeeding BEFORE You Are Ready 

When told to stop breastfeeding: 

Sometimes one may think that to just stop

breastfeeding is the answer to all of the issues. But sometimes the answer could be as simple as getting more support at home, work, or coming up with a real pumping plan that works for you.

When told to just give formula: 

For others who don’t completely understand what all goes into breastfeeding, just giving your baby formula could seem so easy. But in reality it could cause more of a problem than a solution.

Do you need help with your breastfeeding journey with a focus on pumping? We help to increase breastmilk supply with the right pump, flange, products, and schedule. 

Book your Premier Pumping Consult today. 

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