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Ten Questions to ask a Lactation Profession About Pumping

Ten questions to ask a lactation professional about pumping before working with them:

  1. How do you feel about pumping in the infant feeding space? 

  2. What specific training have you obtained for pumping. 

  3. Does your company specialize in working with pumping families? 

  4. How many pumping families do you see in a given (day, week, month, year) 

  5. What percentage of your client nurse only, nurse and pump, or pump only? 

  6. What kind of pumps do you typically recommend to families or see your families use (hospital, primary, small motor, wearable)? 

  7. What pumps do you own, have you owned, or have experience with? 

  8. Do you offer pumping consults to reach me how to use my pump with settings based on my body (not just a flyer online)?

  9. What ongoing support and resources do you provide for pumping or referral sources if I need more in-depth information about pumping?

  10. If I need to add pumping to my journey or switch to pumping, will you be able to provide support? 

Before embarking on your pumping journey, here are 10 must-ask questions to fire away at your potential lactation professional about pumping. 

I get so many messages about not realizing how specialized pumping is when you are looking for lactation care. We want you to get an idea of what questions you may want to ask when working with a lactation professional. 

Stay tuned as we will be answering each question in our IG Lives this week. Feel free to ask us these same questions too  if you are on the fence about working with us. 

What other questions would you add to help the future generation of pumpers? 

Need to transform your pumping journey. I’m here to answer everything one question at a time. Book a Premier Pumping Consult today! 

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