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The Pumping Equation™️

The Pumping Equation™️

The pumping equation is vital to your pumping goals. If one of these is off then it can be more difficult to reach your pumping goals. You will be hearing me talk about this equation more so be on the look out for future stories, blog, podcast, and Peanut Pod.

For now please know:

✅ You need an efficient breast pump that can empty your well. If you are having to manual pump or hand express after pumping, this may be a sign that you should book a session.

✅ You need to know you flange size abd be properly fitted with your flange as soon as possible. Continuing to use the wrong flange size can cause nipple trauma, pain/discomfort, your body can get use to the wrong size, and more.

✅ You need the right pumping products to help you on your journey. Pumping products are not created equal and the products you need can differ from all of the other people you ask.

✅ You need a schedule that you can be consistent and sustain that will help you to reach your pumping goals.

Let’s work together to complete your equation and make sure you are set up for success to reach your pumping goals.

IS YOUR EQUATION COMPLETE? Do you know you are doing and using all of the right things to reach your pumping goals?

Finding your pumping groove can be like solving a equation. Mix in the power of your trusty breast pump, perfectly-fitted flanges, and essential pumping gear like a hands-free pumping bra, breast pump shells, a soothing warming massager, and the 240-Minute Rule to your schedule you’ve got the winning formula for milk expression success!

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to ace your pumping game, book a Premier Pumping Consult with our experts and level up your milk supply journey!

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