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The Truth About Pump Settings

The Truth About Pump Settings: Straight from the Research

Pump settings influence effectiveness and efficiency of milk removal. 

For example: 

It is possible to remove substantial volumes of milk from the breast during milk ejection.

Thus, the effective simulation of milk ejection has been a focus of both manual and electric pumping. 

PWP Note: We support electric pumping over manual pumping, but you should do what is best for you.

Interestingly, there did not seem to be an effect of a stronger vacuum in the time to trigger a milk ejection. However, this was not assessed systematically within a mother, thus it would be prudent for each mother to set the pump at her maximum comfortable vacuum.

PWP Note: higher suction does not equal more milk 

What does all of this mean…

Pump settings do matter when pumping and they should be customized and individualized to your body’s comfort level. 

Pump with Purpose can help you figure out your ideal pump settings based on your body.

Book Your Premier Pumping Consult today!

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