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Things To Let Go Of For 2022 And Beyond

As 2022 comes to an end, I wanted to discuss things to let go of before 2023 begins. We may have set goals for our parenting and/or pumping journey that may or may not have all been reached in 2022. I want you to know that you are enough and all milestones (even just making it to the next day) should be celebrated. This journey is not easy and we should think positive as much as possible and remember that this too shall pass. We will not be pumping forever and this is a short sprint in the marathon of life. This pandemic has taken a toll on us all and we should come together to support each other and never let parenting or feeding choices divide us. We all want the best for ourselves and our little one(s). I want to remind you of some things to let go of as we start the new year.

People who don't appreciate you:

  • If there are people in your circle that do not appreciate you or respect your wishes then consider sitting down with them and discussing your concerns to come to a compromise (even if the conversation is as simple as respecting your wishes to pump). You want people in your life that will love you and honor your wishes no matter if they differ from theirs. Everyone that has children should have a chance to parent in their own way and it does not mean that others should try to force their ideas on to others. I hope that once you have a discussion about your feelings then things will improve. If they do not accept ownership for their actions and have the ability to have an adult conversation without blame or manipulation then you may have to really search your heart about the future of that relationship. Either way, you deserve people in your life that will appreciate you for who you are and the decisions you make for you and your family.

Jealousy of people:

  • It can be easy to compare ourselves or journeys to others and wish that we had what someone else has (even as simple as someone else's milk supply). We may not realize what it takes to manage what the person has been given. Our goal is to feed our baby and whatever way that looks for you should be celebrated. We may not realize how things are behind the scenes and even if we had what we think we wanted, it may not be all that it is cracked up to be. The person may still may not be happy with what we think is a great thing to have. Be content in your journey and know that you are enough.


  • There is no need to spend a day holding a grudge against anyone. I always believe in wishing the best for them, but to continue along my journey with or without them. It is not worth it to spend any extra time or exert any extra energy holding a grudge against anyone. Once you have stated your wishes and realize the person is not respecting you or your choices on your parenting journey, then you can move on and there is no need to hold a grudge over it.

Stressful and anxious thoughts:

  • It can be hard not to be stressed or anxious about what is ahead. There can be thoughts related to being able to reach your pumping goal, being able to produce enough milk for your child(ren), being able to manage all of the duties that come with parenting, and more. I want you to know that thoughts like these are normal. Your mental health matters and if you need to talk with someone about these thoughts, please reach out to a trained professional. If you are worried about reaching your pumping goals, please do not hesitate to book a pumping consult with me or a trained lactation professional at any time along your journey when you are stressed about an issue that you are encountering. It is always best to seek support than to suffer in silence.

Negative talk and self-doubt:

  • Negative thoughts and self-doubt can easily consume your mind when you are overthinking about breastfeeding and/or parenting. Surrounding yourself with positive people that may be on a similar journey can really help get through a difficult time. I am an over-thinker and I have a couple of close friends that I speak with when I need to talk. When things do not go the way we want then negativity and self-doubt can easily enter our space and can consume our thoughts. I am here to let you know that this is normal and to find a safe space to talk though the concerns can be a good way to overcome the issue.

Feelings that don't serve you

  • Feelings that are negative and do not serve a purpose to help you to reach your goals are not beneficial. We are entering a new year and it is always acceptable to evolve and see things in a different way. Some things are not meant for us and it is better for us to focus on the things we can control. When things do not go our way, it can be meant to protect us. It is understandable to have negative feeling when things do not work out, but developing a plan (whether short-term or long-term) with actionable steps to reach your goals can be helpful when to turning things around.

I am letting go of so many things as I am looking forward to 2023 being a year of transition for me. Although I do not know what is ahead, my goal is to keep putting on foot in front of the other. As long as I keep moving, I am determined to reach my goals. I have a lot of plans for Pump with Purpose for 2023 and I hope that you will consider joining me to letting go of things in the year ahead. Please visit to learn more about Pump with Purpose, book a pumping consult, follow me on my five social media platforms, get discount codes on pumping products, and more.

What are you letting go of for 2023? I would love for you to share your resolutions in the comments.

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