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Ways to Empty the Breast If You're Not Nursing

Ways to Empty if You’re Not Nursing

(Least to Most Recommended by Pump with Purpose)

Hand Expression

Hand expression is a technique used to get the breast milk out by massaging your breasts with your thumb above your nipple and the other fingers under it. You then repeatedly compress your fingers and your thumb together to get the milk into a container. It is great to know how to do this incase you ever forget or break your pump or if you are unexpectedly away from your baby.

Manual Pumping

Manual breast pumps are great for occasional use when you are on the go or do not have access to electricity. The cone is placed on the breast and the handle has to be squeezed repeatedly for milk to come out.

Single Electric Pumping

Single electric pumps are powered by a motor and allow you to pump from one breast at a time. Due to the fact that you have to pump from one breast at a time, single electric pumps can cause your pumping session to take twice as long.

Double Electric Pumping

Double electric pumping is most recommended by Pump With Purpose. Double electric pumps are powered by a motor and allow you to pump from both breasts at once. Double electric pumping allows you to get milk out quicker and makes it easier to build a milk stash as well.

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