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We Don’t Agree With The Term “Triple Feeding,” but Here’s Why You Should Do It

What is Triple Feeding:

Triple feeding is when you 


2. Then pump

3. Then feed the baby pumped breastmilk

Triple feeding should not be: 

-A chore

-A task




-Or require you to give the baby a bottle as a top off

Triple feeding should be: 


-Align with your goals

-The desire to achieve an oversupply/full supply

-Done with intention

-Protecting your supply with pumping

-Helping with supply dips

-Offering replacement feeds

-Opportunity for someone else to feed the baby

-Opportunity to go back to work

What we want you to know: 

Triple feeding is hard when you're not keeping up with the baby or feel like you are chasing behind baby.

Have you heard of “triple feeding”?

Half of our families triple feed with intention. We do not want you to be chasing behind your baby and to have a plan when nursing and pumping.

We want our families to nurse and pump to have oversupply or reach full supply if that is your goal. We find it feels better when that milk is being saved for a rainy day, for supply dips, going back to work, or the need to be away from baby, etc. 

Book a premier pumping consult to discuss your triple feeding goals.

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