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Why We Do Not Recommend Herbal Supplements

Why Pump with Purpose Does Not Recommend Herbal Supplements

If something is wrong with your blood or an underlying condition is present and depending on what it is then you can take all the herbals you want then will not see the increase because good to know what could be going on first before doing herbals.

If something is wrong with pumping tools (pump, flange, products, schedule) then you can take all the herbals you want then will not see the increase.

Most of the popular herbals on market most good lactation professionals will not recommend. They are usually a concoction/blend and you can’t know what’s working or not.

We do not know the long term side effects of herbals as they are not studied enough. Don’t want to read later that they find anything serious wrong that could have been avoided.

It makes women think that their bodies are not amazing as is and needs an herbal.

Herbals that can tank supply. Had a person that could not wait to let the process work…she took it one time had her supply go to 24 ounces a day to 1 ounce per day. I helped her get it back, but it could have been avoided.

Typically have to take 3-6 or more pills per day per herbal which are a lot of pills on top of prenatals and other vitamins.

Most of our clients see an increase when stopping the herbals. Have seen people taking up to 24 pills a day and supply increased when stopped.

Herbals are not regulated. Anyone can create anything and you have no idea if it’s safe for you or your body and may interact if underlying conditions are present.

Herbals can be costly and still not see any results. A months supply is usually a consult here and I give way better plans anyway that to take pill after pill after pill for your entire journey.. The list can go on, but I will stop here for now.

Ever wondered why we steer clear of herbal supplements?

Have you tried herbal supplements? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Ready to make informed choices for your pumping journey?

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