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I'm so excited! My Christmas gift to myself is I froze 8oz today which officially gets me to 400oz in the freezer. I have 100 bags and my goal is at least 200 bags before my supply fully dries up.


I needed a safe space to share this and it's late so I don't want to bother anyone, but I just froze another bag of breastmilk and I'm officially at 300 oz! That's 75 bags and enough to feed my twins half a bag a day for 2.5 months. I really want to save more and hope I can lactate longer, but only my body can determine that. I am just so over the moon excited right now. My entire journey my stash was up and down due to small dips and emergency situations so I really can't believe I have come this far.

Can’t wait



Okay someone please tell me I am not crazy because my husband definitely thinks so. Well I just almost bought the super genie and he said do you really need another pump you are 15 months postpartum and your supply is decreasing every day. We'll I own the spectra and motif wall pumps and I used to own the pumpables genie advanced and the willow go but I decided I wouldn't need them anymore plus I didn't like them anyway except for the mobile aspect. I gave them to my niece who is pregnant and due in December and she wants to EP like me!

Fast forward to today. I have a filling appt at my dentist at 230 so I'm leaving work early but then at 430 I have a teachers union meeting. I gotta pump somewhere in there so that's why I need a portable pump. I figured…


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