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Does anyone use the pumpables app that has run into this issue? I just froze 4oz and now I should have 448oz in the freezer. On my other app EP tracker it says 448oz but here it says 447.99oz. I tried removing the 4oz and adding it back and the issue didn't resolve itself. I even looked and all my stash logs are 4oz nothing odd numbered. So if pumpables can't support huge freezer stashes I'll probably just delete this app. I got the app to control my Super Genie and I don't even use it for that anymore. So I'm basically logging my stash and sessions in two places and this is making me frustrated.

I cant believe this was one year ago. Now I make 20oz a day. Boy have I come so far.


I want to double my supply because next month I'll be going back to work and I work all the way across the country for one week straight and I need to build up a bank so my 3 months old to be can be breastfeed 🥲 today I did 750 mL any help?

Update: I wrote down all the times I need to pump. And I also love the aesthetic of my new storage bags.


What are you celebrating today?


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