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8 Pumping Must-Have Products on The Wheel of Pumping

There are eight pumping product must-haves that I highly recommend on your Wheel of Pumping journey. There are so many products on the market when it comes to pumping and it can be confusing and overwhelming to know exactly what you need. Pumping products are not created equal. There are some products that are work better for others. I am here to take the guess work out of some of the products that have been beyond instrumental on my pumping journey over the last 2.5 years and still counting. Although let me be very clear and transparent that I think there are more than eight pumping items that have made my pumping journey so much better, these are my eight must-haves for any pumping journey.

  1. Breast Pump: an efficient double electric breast pump and properly fitted flanges

  2. Storage Bag/Containers (includes bottles): to store milk

  3. Pumping Bra: for hand-free pumping (no hacks here - you NEED a real pumping bra)

  4. Nipple Cream/Spray: to lubricate the flanges and/or nipple area

  5. Warming Massagers: to heat and vibrate the breast area to empty more efficiently

  6. Breast Shells: for nipple crack or soreness to protect your nipples

  7. Pump Bag: to carry your breast pump and accessories

  8. Pump Clothing: to be more comfortable when pumping

There are so many product out on the market for each of these categories. I have four offerings that can help to reach your pumping goals:

1. If you would like to get a list of 220 products and counting organized by category then feel free to subscribe to my website to get a FREE Download of my Pumping Product Linktree Guide then scroll down to the bottom of the page to subscribe. Please be sure to wait a few minutes for the product to arrive in your e-mail and make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

2. I have the guides on my website, including the Comprehensive Breast Pump Selection Guide that can help you narrow down your breast pump selection to take the stress out of choosing a breast pump. To date, there are 35 pumps int he guide and I will be adding more as I obtain more breast pumps to add to my inventory list.

3. I have Online Teachable Courses that can provide you with quality education to assist you on your pumping journey. The first course available is Flange Sizing 101 and I will be adding more courses over time.

4. If you would like to personalized assistance with selecting and using any of these products, assistance with milk supply, as well as getting a recommended care plan to get your pumping journey off to the best start possible, then book an appointment for a Virtual Premier Pumping Consult online from anywhere around the world.

What is on your list of Pumping Must-Haves that have been instrumental to your journey?

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