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Breast Pump Insurance Options

Pump Up Your Options!

When it comes to breast pump insurance coverage, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. You’ve got choices, mama! 

1. Pump, One-Time Only: Some policies provide coverage for a breast pump as a one-time benefit during your breastfeeding journey. Make it count!

2. One Pump Per Baby: If you’re welcoming multiple little ones, check if your insurance allows one pump per baby. Double the joy, double the convenience!

3. One Pump Per Year: The gift that keeps on giving! Certain policies offer a new breast pump annually, ensuring you’re always equipped.

4. Prescription Needed: You may require a doctor’s prescription for your breast pump. Consult your healthcare provider to get the process started.

5. Additional Hospital-Grade Pump: If deemed medically necessary, some policies may cover a hospital-grade pump, the kind found in hospitals, to support your unique needs.

6. No Coverage: Unfortunately, not all insurance policies cover breast pumps.

Pro Tip: If you have secondary insurance, you may qualify for a breast pump under each policy. Double the coverage, double the peace of mind!

Have you checked to see what your insurance covers or what did your insurance cover? Let’s talk about it in the comments. 

Ready to make the most of your insurance benefits and find the perfect pump for your unique needs? Book a Premier Pumping Consult today!

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