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Breast Pumps Should Be Tailored To Your Body

Breast Pumps Should Be Tailored To Your Body and NOT One Size Fits All Approaches: Straight from the Research

“Evidence-based approach to help providers individualize breast pump technology to a mother's specific needs and human milk feeding goals”

“Although mothers use breast pumps for different reasons, times and durations after birth, they often receive a “one size fits all” recommendation that reflects the health care provider's personal breast pump experiences or industry marketing claims, rather than current research in this field.”

“A more recent review on the feeding of expressed human milk reached a similar conclusion, and highlighted the need to tailor the method of human milk removal to the mother's purpose for not feeding directly from the breast. Thus, the health care provider is left with the recommendation to individualize the type of breast pump, but has few evidence-based guidelines to do so.”

“Mothers commonly prefer one breast pump or breast pump suction patterns (BPSP) type over another, despite the fact that the same maximum absolute negative pressure (e.g., suction) is achieved by both.”

“Although often minimized in marketing claims, this is a real perception and is a function of the shape and timing of the suction curve during each cycling of the breast pump. These curves determine how quickly the maximum absolute negative pressure is reached, how long it is held, and how quickly it returns to baseline during each cycle. These differences impact not only comfort but also the effectiveness and efficiency of human milk removal.”

“Finally, mothers also value highly individual features in a breast pump such as portability, quietness, ease of use, and discreet carrying cases, which allow them to fit human milk removal into their daily activities.”


Which Breast Pump for Which Mother: An Evidenced-Based Approach to Individualizing Breast Pump Technology

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