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How to Pump Less and Make More

How to pump less and make more?

Truth is:

It’s really not possible

The feedback inhibitor of lactation would prevent this over time. The longer you leave milk, the more it will tell your body that you do not need the breastmilk, reabsorb the breastmilk back into your body and down regulate your breastmilk supply over time.

Emptied breast make more milk. Consistent, frequent emptying of the breast would increase milk supply faster than non-consistent, less frequent emptying of the breast.

The longer you wait and leave milk behind will tell your body over time that you do not need that milk and can signal down regulation or weaning.

We recommend pumping 240 minute rule to establish supply:

Every 3 hours for 30 minutes for the 12 weeks with the right pump, flange, products, and schedule

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