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Pumping Survival Guide - Part 2: Pumping Schedule

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Pumping Schedule & The Holidays Checklist

☑️ Do your best to stay on your existing pumping schedule

☑️ Understand what your plans are for the day & tweak pumping schedule as needed

☑️ Set alarms on your phone and your partner's

☑️ Have a conversation with your loved ones educating them on the importance of pumping on a schedule

☑️ Depending on the setting, utilize a pumping cover or wearable pumps for privacy

☑️ Rely on your Pump Buddy to keep you accountable!

☑️ Grant yourself grace. Holidays and traveling are added stressors. You're doing your best!

Want to discuss your pumping schedule? Book a 15-minute Premier Pumping Consult or upgrade to a 30-minute Premier Pumping Consult to discuss pump, flange, products, and schedule at

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