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Pumping Survival Guide Part 4: Travel

Pumping While Traveling

Stick to your normal pumping schedule whenever possible

Make sure you have your pump charger

or your pump is fully charged before leaving

Bring spare parts in addition to your usual set up (tubing, backflow protector, flanges, duckbills, bottles, bags)

A manual pump is an alternative if you can't use an electric pump

Make sure you pack your cooler bag and frozen ice packs (or that you have access to a fridge/freezer)

Pack a wet bag for your used pumping set up

or bring a wash basin to wash parts

Don't forget your pumping bras, pump friendly clothing,and any pumping products

Pumping on the drive?

If compatible with your pump utilize a car adapter

Be mindful of seat belt positioning, pump accessibility and if using traditional flanges, air bag placements

Wearable pumps or cups are a great option for added comfort and convenience

Whenever possible have an alternate driver take over so you can pump as a passenger

Obey all traffic laws and take your time

Pull over when needed to remove flanges, and break down your pumping set up

Remember to use your best judgement and pull over if needed during your pumping session

Feeling stressed?

Use a blanket or scarf as a pumping cover if you don't have a private room available

Look at your baby's pictures and videos to help you relax to have a let down

Make time for yourself to decompress

Remember you're not alone 🤎

Need help determining the best

pumping products or pump for you?

Book a 30 minute session at:

Check out this list for travel products

from Pump with Purpose Amazon Storefront


In flight? Check out TSAs guidelines here:

CDC's breast milk storage guidelines:

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