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Pumping Survival Guide - Part 5: Family Pressure

Navigating Breastfeeding & Family Pressure

This post was created to help breastfeeding families find their voice and uphold their boundaries with loved ones whether they are exclusively using breast milk or a combination of breastmilk and formula.

The Pump with Purpose community is intended to empower pumping families without belittling or shaming other forms of feeding.

Postpartum is tough, and breastfeeding comes with it's own challenges. If your loved ones and trusted support system are worried about you, they may make similar comments. If you or someone you know needs support please reach check out:

Remember You Are Not Alone

Tired of hearing...

"Why are you pumping? You should give the baby formula instead!"

From the one relative repeatedly

Let's remind them why we pump with purpose!

"Pumping allows me to provide my child with breast milk that is customized for their needs. Just like we get our clothes tailored to fit us properly, my milk is specifically made for my child"


"This is my choice, please respect my decision as a parent to navigate how I feed my child."


"The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until 2+"


"Instead of talking about milk, let's talk tea! Did you hear what your favorite relative has been up to?"


"No thanks, we're happy with pumping."


My job is legally required to give me pumping breaks, without those, when will I get a chance to catch up with the group chat/social media/etc"


"Instead of focusing on what my child is drinking, let's talk about the amazing meal/drinks/décor in front of us!"


"Are you going to be the one paying for the formula? How financially involved are you looking to be in baby's life?"


"If I formula feed then I can't justify my new pumping wardrobe. Are you going to deny me new clothes?!"


"How am I suppose to get some alone today time if I don't pump?"




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