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Pumping Survival Guide - Return to Work

Evaluate your existing situation at work

*When you can pump at work?

*Do you have downtime or a lunch break?

*Where can you pump?

*Is there already a lactation room?

*Or private room available?

*Are you constantly traveling?

*Can your role be done virtually?

*Do you have access to a fridge/freezer?

Establish your pumping plan

*What's your pumping schedule?

*What pumps work best for your body?

*What are your pumping goals?

*Do you need pumping bras/pump friendly professional clothing?

*Do you have a uniform & need to bring a spare shirt?

Discussions with management

Propose options that work for you & your employer. Remember you can consult human resources, union reps, etc to understand legal protections within your job or country.

Check out:

for more information and to book a return to work consult!

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