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What is Exclusive Breastmilk Pumping

What is Exclusive Breastmilk Pumping:

What Is It & How Many People Are Doing It

Straight from the Research

“There is a new approach to infant feeding called exclusive breastmilk expression, which is when a person pumps breastmilk and the infant consumes breastmilk only from a bottle.”

“Three defining attributes of (1) absence of direct breastfeeding, (2) breastmilk expression, (3) and an enduring infant feeding pattern of feeding expressed breastmilk only via a bottle were identified. All three attributes are required to confirm the presence of the concept of exclusive pumping.”

“Among the studies that include families exclusively pumping, the distinguishing markers of this subgroup were (a) consistently did not directly breastfeed, (b) utilized an electric breast pump to provide breastmilk, and (c) possibly used manual expression to express breastmilk. The unifying theme was the lack of direct breastfeeding while still providing breastmilk.”

“In the last 10 years, there has been a growing proportion of families who feed their infants by exclusive breastmilk expression. Among American families who feed their infants breastmilk, between 5.6% and 14.3% were EP within the first 6 months. Over 89% of EP parents chose to exclusively pump only after unsuccessful attempts at direct breastfeeding.”


Exclusive breastmilk pumping: A concept analysis

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