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Why The First Two Weeks Are Critical to Your Milk Production

Why the First Two Weeks are Critical to Your Milk Production Result

Straight from the Research: 

In cases of separation, it is critical that the mother continues to effectively remove milk from the breast either by hand expression or by using a pump to establish milk production as reduced feeding in the first 2 weeks has also been associated with lower milk production.

Note: We also think this can apply to ineffective nursing or pumping in the first two weeks if breastmilk is not effectively removed. Please know that so many of you think you have lower milk supply and you do not.

The first two weeks with the baby are so important for your pumping goals.

It’s critical that you’re fully emptying the breast in those first 14 days. 

At Pump with Purpose, we’re here to make encourage ways for mamas to hit their pumping goals, and this is one way to do it!

If you’re looking for guidance during your pumping journey, book a Premier Pumping Consult!


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