Lactation Services and Products

Pump with Purpose offers one-one sessions and specializes in assisting with everything related to pumping, including developing plans, setting schedules, pump and pumping product education, and more. All booked sessions include a personalized care plan and relevant free guide(s) e-mailed within 24 hours of session. Pump with Purpose also offers one-on-one training for lactation professionals and birth workers that would like to learn more about pumping. Pump with Purpose also offers monthly hospital-grade pump rentals. For some of the topics offered, please view the "Areas of Focus" below.  If you do not see the topic below, please feel free to contact me. For an urgent counseling session, please contact me for availability.


Pump with Purpose accepts credit cards, debit cards, and most Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards. Payment is due prior to service at the time of intake. Pump with Purpose can provide a Superbill (upon request) and offers electronic insurance claim reimbursement services with any private health insurance company through Reimbursify (FileFast link below) that the client can use to seek insurance reimbursement after each appointment if desired. Client is responsible for verifying insurance coverage prior to booking. Insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed and refunds will not be issued if insurance does not provide reimbursement. Please be sure to fill out all paperwork as soon as possible or at least 24-48 hours prior to session to secure your appointment. After-hours appointments are available upon request at an additional cost.

Virtual Prenatal or Postnatal Lactation Premier Pumping Consult

Virtual Pumping for
Lactation Professionals
and Birth Workers

Hospital Grade
Pump Rental
(Northern VA)

Virtual Prenatal or Postnatal Lactation Premier Pumping Consult:

Short (15-minute): $45

Standard (30-minute): $90

Full (60-minute): $180

1-Day Pumping Package: $100/day

Pumping for Lactation 

and Birth Workers 

Premier Pumping Consult: $90

Areas of Focus Topics:

30 virtual minute session. 

Hospital Grade Pump Rental (Medela Symphony or

Ameda Platinum):

1-month pump rental (local VA delivery/pick-up additional): $90

*Prices are subject to change.

Areas of Focus

Please review the documents below and let me know if there are any particular areas of focus, pump inventory, or pump product inventory that you would like to discuss when booking:

Click here to see additional details on each area of focus.
Click here to see the current pump product inventory.

Recommended sessions times below are suggestions only. The Short 15-minute session can usually cover flange sizing or breast pump selection or a schedule change. The Standard 30-minute session can usually cover breast pump, flange sizing, pumping product(s) and schedule or developing a plan to help you reach your pumping goals. The Full 60-minute session can include any areas of focus as well as real-time pumping session and is best if you are interested in the most comprehensive pumping plan or a new parent to pumping. Full completion of the intake form with all pertinent details will help to maximize the session time. The 1-Day Pumping Package includes one day of full access support to answer any questions or concerns through text, voice note, and secure message as needed (existing clients only). Provider determines level of care based on concern.

"Short" 15-minute session

Breast Pump Selection

Pump Tutorials (how to use pump)

Pumping Products and Accessories

Flange Sizing

Pump Flange Positioning

Pump Cushions

"Standard" 30-minute session

Real-Time Pumping Session

Breastmilk Supply

Returning to Work/School and Pumping

Pumping after Birth

Pumping for NICU Baby

Pumping for Twins/Multiples

Tandem Pumping

Pumping Schedules

Adjusting Pumping Schedules

Weaning/Dropping Pumping Sessions

Middle of the Night/Overnight Pumping

Sickness and Pumping

Ovulation/Menstruation and Pumping

Temporary Pumping Interruption

Hand Expression of Milk

Pumping Support

Vasospasms and Pumping

Power Pumping

Breastmilk Storage and Freezer Stash

Pumping in Car or While Driving

Combination/Triple Feeding

Pumping Self-care

Elastic Nipples

Relactation and Pumping

High Lipase

Birth Control and Pumping


Pumping Problems/Complications

Ongoing Breastmilk Production

Hands-On Massaging and Pumping

Clogged Ducts and Pumping

Engorged Ducts and Pumping

Mastitis and Pumping

Breast Pain/Discomfort and Pumping

Infant Bottle Feeding

Pumping Fatigue

Pumping with Older Children

"Full" 60-minute session


Pumping from Birth

Basic Pumping for Beginners

New Pumping Parent(s)

Change from Nursing to Pumping