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Services & Products

Pump with Purpose wants to help you increase your breastmilk supply with the right pump, flange, products and schedule as well teach you how to pump based on your body. We want to help you make more than enough breastmilk, get off of formula if that is your goal, create an oversupply and freezer stash, help manage your oversupply, spend less on pumping products, stop searching the internet for pumping information that could sabotage your journey, discuss safest pumping practices for you and your child(ren), pumping tips and tricks, reduce anxiety, and build your confidence over breast pumping, and drop pumps or wean on your own terms when you are ready with personalized plans tailored to you and your body.

Pump with Purpose Offerings


Premier Pumping Consult™

Premier Pumping Consult™ is offered to help you with your breastmilk supply by understanding the right pump, flange, products, schedule for your body and your personalized    Premier Pumping Plan™ is sent to you after the consult...

Breast Pump Selection

Breastmilk Supply

Flange Sizing

Pumping Products

Return to Work

Pumping Concerns



Real-Time Pumping Session™


Superbills can be provided for insurance reimbursement.


30-minute Consult
-Pump, Flange, Products, Schedule


45-min Consult
-Pump, Flange, Products, Schedule
-Q&A Session Included 


90-minute Consult
-Pump, Flange, Products, Schedule
-Real-time Pumping Session
-Q&A Session Included


60-minute Consult
-Pump, Flange, Products, Schedule
-Real-time Pumping Session


VIP 4-Week Package

Four (4) 45-min Consults:
#1Premier Pumping Plan 
#2: Real-time Pumping Session
#3: Follow-up Consult 
#4: Follow-up or Weaning Plan 



Postpartum Doula Consult

Postpartum Doula Consult is offered to help you with you navigating your postpartum journey for mom and baby...

Postpartum Support

Newborn Care

Comfort Measures

Parenting Support 

Infant Feeding Practices

Non-medical Advice

Physical Support


Emotional Recovery


Superbills can be provided for insurance reimbursement.


Postpartum Life Coach Consult

Postpartum Life Coach Consult assists you with any part of your life to navigate your postpartum journey...

Transition into Parenting

Family Concerns

Pumping Fatigue

Returning to Work

Mourning Nursing/Pumping

Change of Career

Self-care Practices

Birth Trauma 

Emotional Support




Pump with Purpose University (Weekly)
The Pumping 
Equation (Monthly)
The Pumping Equation Masterclass

An online university offering membership to assist from pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond with all things pumping. There will be online programs and intimate touch points in a group setting to provide education and information to make informed choices on your lactation and postpartum journey. Ideal for people after booking a 1-on-1 virtual consult and/or that are looking for community and touchpoints over your journey for accountability.


Online Programs

Online programs are courses offered by Pump with Purpose to provide education, motivation, and resources on your lactation and postpartum journey.



Pump with Purpose will hold special virtual and select in-person events. 



Pump with Purpose will hold virtual and in-person classes, webinars,  and events

for pumping education.

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Shop our merchandise, guides, and gift cards for all of your Pump with Purpose needs.


Professional Offerings

Pumping for Professionals™

Provider Drop-ins

Lactation Private Practice Consultation

Brand Consultation

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