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Nursing & Pumping

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Hi mommas! I am due with my first March 18th and really hoping to pump and nurse as I want my partner Derrick to help with the workload of feeding and bonding with our sweet boy. I am currently in chiropractic school and can bring baby to class as long as I'm feeding but would like some wiggle room with sending baby with dad a few hours a day in the early weeks. I've heard mixed things from my providers such as I should wait to pump until 4-6 weeks, while others say I could start right away to keep supply up and get some help with feeding. So excited to be apart of a support group with so much information and lovely ladies 🤗


Hello everyone my name is Destinee and I'm a mom of two beautiful baby girls. My oldest is 5 and my second is 2 months. I pump and nurse mostly nurse. Right now I'm having issues with my milk supply. I'm seeing a decrease in my milk supply, and it's got to the point where I am using formula to supplement. The formula is making my baby's tummy hurt, so is there anything that I could do to bring my milk production back up? I drink around 100oz of water every day I eat about 3 times a day and snack throughout. I also take supplements, "Legendary Milk Pump princess" and my own placenta. If you could please help with any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi everyone! I'm new to the group. I have a 3 month old--I breastfeed and pump--heading back to work next month. I just have REALLY painful/sore nipples and breast! I thought by now it would be better. But I feel like I need to pump or nurse every 3 hours, sometimes sooner. And my son doesn't empty me so I pump after breastfeeding many time. I pump about 5-6 oz per side when I'm really full. My breasts are just large, sore, nipples feel super sensitive and painful. I've tried ice, Frida mom cooling silicone patches, literally everything. Anything work well for someone with the same issue?

My baby girl is 5 weeks old and this morning I pumped 3.5oz on one side. I was so excited to see that amount. 🍼🍼🍼 Bring able to pump milk for her really fullfills me.

Bri 💜

Hi all! I had a question if your flange is dripping milk after a pump session, but you're still catching a lot in the bottle, would the flange be too small or too big? It doesn't irritate nipples at all or they don't feel sore. I am using a Medela pump in style.


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