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Nursing & Pumping

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Hi ladies! I'm new here 👋 just had a baby girl, Joy on 9/22. So she is about 10 days old. I am desiring to breastfeed exclusively, but I also pump to give my husband a chance to feed her in the midnight hours and give my nipples a break! 😃

Any and all recommendations Are welcome!

  • C

    What are your nursing/pumping wins?

  • Chanelle Corley

    Hey.👋🏾 Anyone with a one boob that goes crazy bc it's confused whether it's pump time or breastfeeding time? My right boob is that child when you are uncertain exactly what you'll get. 😭😂 Sometimes it appears empty and then with a simple one suck it's spouting milk in baby's face, baby's eye, on the bed, everywhere... Another time it doesn't make much milk even when I pay attention to it and spend extra time pumping it. And yet another time you pump it and it seems like the milk is hard to get out of it even on different pump modes and with with freshly changed duck bills and parts. (I have Spectra Gold for reference.)

    The question I have is what is the alternative to pinching the nipple ( to keep in the milk) while I'm feeding baby on the left bubs and the right bubs decides to…

  • Hi!! Im pumping after nursing, staying consistent with my pump schedule, eating the lactation cookies, drinking body armor, blood work is good, correct flange size and my supply still isn't increasing. I'm going to start supplementing with formula :( . It's been 1 month am I just being impatient?

  • Aria J.

    Hey y'all! I'm pumping and breastfeeding twins that are two weeks and 6 days old and I'm not getting enough milk. Babies are underweight and I'm barely getting 2 ounces when I pump. Help me please I do not want to supplement with formula!

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