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Overnight Pump Challenge

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about 20 wpp and doing combo feeding. Not going to lie this pumping thing is like having a full time job. Wish i would’ve had all the information I have now when I was pregnant and right after giving birth. I don’t pump as much as I should I do get discouraged from low supply doing just about 7 ounces a day 😞 but I push through because any breast milk is beneficial no matter how much

I go to sleep late to begin with I worked night shift for about 3 years 😳 so i usually get about 2 between 10 and 2 and off to bed I got. Then pump right after baby wakes up at 7 or 8

I’m going to try my best to stick to a schedule, it’s soooo hard 😫

I believe in us! We got it!

Jen K
Michaela B.
Jul 02

I am in a similar situation! I am 26 weeks pp and SO discouraged. It IS a full time job. That is why i eventually “gave up” increasing, cause i was doing EVERYTHING possible and it just didn’t matter. The most i ever pumped in 24 hours was 17 oz… but currently I have dropped to 8-10oz on average. I previously was doing all the things to increase supply, including night pumps. It just wasn’t working and i gave up increasing. But i want so badly to be even a just enougher for my baby… so here i am joining this challenge and trying again!



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