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Overnight Pump Challenge

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Hi mommas, I’m Nikki from Miami. 11 weeks pp and I’ve tried to be consistent with pumping although I’ve fallen short many times. I’m nursing and pumping. My baby doesn’t take enough at the breast per feeding session and will instead take more and remain full for longer when fed from a bottle. I try to nurse in the evenings and pump every other time I’m not nursing. However this can be a bit overwhelming for me. I was making just enough for my baby in a day to keep her fed until I’m able to nurse in the evening but as a result of all the inconsistency with pumping , my supply dipped last week to where I was not able to make the usual amount to keep her fed until I’m able to nurse. Fortunately I’d been pumping extra ounces to build an emergency freezer stash since 4 weeks pp which was very helpful. Anyways this whole ordeal made me realize I need to get really consistent with my pumping so I can build my supply back up to where it was before or even increase. So I’m up for this challenge. My last pump for the day is usually around 9/10pm so my goal is to pump twice between 10 and 6pm at 1/2am and 4/5am. Sorry for my long-winded intro, just excited to go on this challenge with you all and for the accountability this will provide. Thanks!

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Welcome to the challenge. When we get out our truths then we can move toward reaching and exceeding our goals. Proud of you!

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Overnight Pump Challenge group set up to pump overnight duri...
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