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Overnight Pump Challenge

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Quick question- I’ve been trying to get in 3 overnight pumps at 11, 2 and 5. I’ve been doing pretty good with 11pm and 2am pumps but struggle with the 5am one. I’ve only managed to do one 5am pump since the challenge started. I’m now 12 weeks pp and while I would really like to do 3 overnight pumps (I’m hoping to increase supply), I think I may need to make peace with the fact that the 5am pump doesn’t work for me, so my thought is to remove it and do a power pump at the next scheduled time which is 8am. Any thoughts on this?


Can you push it to 6 and then do an 8? I feel like waiting 6 hours is too long if you're wanting to increase. I'd do 11, 2 and 6 and then turn around and do an 8. I'd much rather do a quick back to back than sit there for an hour to do a power pump, especially everyday, I don't think power pumping everyday is sustainable. You can try it and see if it works and if not, readjust! I had a hard time doing my 1&4 everyday, so once I reached 12 weeks pp, I do a 3:30 and then a 7. So my schedule is 3:30, 7,10,1,4,7,11. I extendnmy.laat pump of the day by an hour (right now I'm doing my last pump for the day) and then I do 3:30, that way I don't go more than 4ish hours between my late night/ overnight pumps and keep my day pumps 3 hours apart. So essentially I cut 1 pump out of my schedule but it's just not sustainable with going back to work!



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