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Overnight Pump Challenge

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Hey fellow pumping mammas, this group/challenge is so timely as the past 2 night I slept more than 5 hour without pumping...I was scared my supply would drop. I am 6 months pp and aiming for 1 year of pumping. My sleep had been odd, but I try to nap and I am thankfuk to make food for my sweet baby. I wish I pumped whne I was under 12 weeks but I didn't know to do so to increase my supply initially. But all is well, we live and we learn. I am soooo thankful I came upon Dianna's page, I think I initially foudn her on youtube, I wish I found her sooner.

Super excited to be here. We got this ladies😀


So happy to have you here, welcome to the challenge.



Overnight Pump Challenge group set up to pump overnight duri...
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